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Whether you own a retail store, office building, or any other type of commercial building, trust the experts of 1st Executive Construction with all of your West Virginia roofing needs in Huntington, Charleston or beyond. Our trained professionals will take into account any factors that may impact the life and function of your commercial roof and, together, we can help you decide which roof system is right for your business. Members of our professionally trained staff are on site for every phase of your project to ensure that everything is completed on time and with the highest quality workmanship. We prioritize your roofing needs and can transform your roof from an unpredictable expense into a proactively managed asset.
At 1st Executive Construction, we utilize the industry’s highest quality materials and exceed manufacturer standards. Our team of experienced contractors collaborate to ensure any roof repair, installation, or construction is done correctly the first time. This will save you money in deferred roof expenses, help reduce your energy costs, and increase the longevity of your roof. Our professionally trained crew will complete your roofing project safely and with minimal disruption to your facility.


PDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane. It can be installed fully adhered, mechanically attached or ballasted, with the seams of the roofing system sealed using liquid adhesives or specially formulated tape. EPDM is proven to have the longest service life over every other system in the roofing industry. This is due to factors such as:

  • Flexibility in all temperatures
  • Thermal shock durability
  • Weathering and abrasion
  • Resistance to wind damage 120mph and greater
  • Ultraviolet radiation resistance
  • Superior resistance to extreme heat and fire

EPDM Rubber roofing membrane has been the leading choice for contractors, architects, and building owners for low sloped roofing projects for almost 50 years. At 1st Executive Construction, our relationship does not end when your project is completed, it begins.

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